5700 STEPS


Format: 3'000cm x 36cm | 6'000cm x 36cm
Technique: Digital photographs, inkjet print on blueback paper

I traveled to Genoa with the purpose of photographing high sea fishermen at work. However, as so often happens, life had a different plan. There was a heavy storm and not a single boat in or around Genoa was leaving the harbor. So, for days I stood in this area between the sea and the city - a transition zone to which no one pays much attention. But the nameless area - between the city, the hermetically isolated docks and the sea - is what brings them all together. Neglected and basically ignored by people, a microcosm has formed there, that tells more stories than one might expect at first look. I dedicated this strip on the entire length of the harbor, 228 pictures.  Every twenty-five steps one.