Format: Book publication planned
Technique: Digital photographs

Circolino Pipistrello is the largest and oldest participatory circus in Switzerland. From tour planning to tent building, the Pipistrelli - as they call themselves - do everything on their own. In addition to their own show, they prepare a circus performance every week with children, seniors, people with disabilities or refugees, according to their abilities. I am photographing for them for more than five years now. I was invited to live with the Pipistrelli for several months and to accompany them on the tour. What was revealed to me was a world of rattling tractors, colorful circus wagons, glittery costumes and popcorn smells. A real wonderland of adventure and magic. During this time, I came to know and admire a community of unique people. They fascinated and impressed me deeply. The community gave me their trust and got used to my presence. It allowed me to photograph them during the preparations, backstage and in personal moments. To capture moments that are hidden from the visitors.