Format: 150x225cm, variable
Technique: digital photographs, projection

Waltensburg/Vuorz is a small village in the Surselva region in the canton of Graubünden. To get in touch with the people and the village, I stood at the roadside and photographed all the people walking through the street from sunrise to sunset. I combined the one hundred and fifty-three individual images into two different image compositions. In most hours I did not meet a single person. But all the more on cars on the transit. Waiting in this icy cold, I came across a theme that divides the village. For economic reasons, the communities of Brigels/Waltensburg and Andiast are to merge and a connecting road is to be built. Whether the village will be revitalized and gain a profit or the traffic in the narrow road will bring village life to a complete standstill is not yet certain.